Caregivers and family members know how often they worry about the beloved seniors in their family. If you’ve caught yourself fretting about their eating habits, their difficulty working the TV or the possibility of them injuring themselves, worry no more. Luckily, there’s a gadget for all these issues and more. These tech tools could ease your concerns and make loved ones’ lives easier. Consider these devices when doing your holiday shopping this year.

  1. The VTech CareLine​
    VTech has designed a kit just for seniors, Forbes noted. This set comes with an easy-to-use corded phone with large, readable text, a cordless phone to talk on the go and a safety pendent that can be used in emergency situations when help is quickly needed.
  2. Amplified Photo Phone
    This gift is great for anyone who has trouble hearing and seeing, NBC News stated. The Ameriphone Dialogue P-300 makes it easy to get in touch with family. Seniors can simply touch a family member’s picture and the phone will dial for them. The device can hold up to nine photos. It also has high-tech sound, which can be amplified to 10 times the normal hearing level. The phone works with hearing aids and has large buttons that are readable and easy to touch.
  3. The Grandcare System
    This all-in-one system is everything a family member needs to keep calm if loved ones live alone or in a retirement community. It uses motion sensors to help track a senior’s movements throughout the day. If something goes awry, families will get an alert. The touchscreen system also has telehealth technology to connect with physicians. If your children take a cute photo or write a letter, you can easily send it through to older adults as long as they have an Internet connection.
  4. TV Ears
    TV Ears are perfect for anyone who is constantly asking to turn the TV up, even if the volume is maxed out. TV Ears is a wireless headset for those who are hard of hearing. The headset helps amplify the TV while quieting any background noise. Loved ones also never have to worry about the extreme volume of commercials again. The device automatically turns down when commercials come on.
  5. Tek Partner Oversized TV Remote
    This is the ideal gift for a loved one who always squints at the remote buttons and hits the wrong ones. Avoid those frustrations with the Tek Partner Oversized TV Remote, which has large buttons and an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to hold. The buttons also light up for night owls. The size makes it incredibly hard to lose.
  6. GPS Shoes
    These shoes are the quintessential gift for any senior who has a tendency to wander. The shoe, which is built for comfort with plenty of support but also stylish, contains a GPS tracker. If a loved one wanders out of a certain region, such as off of the senior community’s property, family members will be the first ones to find out. Keep Mom or Dad safe always with this footwear.
  7. Lutron Maestro Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors
    If you constantly worry about your loved one fumbling around in the dark looking for a light switch, fear no more. This technology from Lutron can help save energy and prevent falls, Technology Tell noted.
  8. Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker
    This is an excellent gift for a deep-sleeping senior who has difficulty hearing. The alarm has several loud noises that can stir awake even the heaviest of sleepers. If that’s not enough, it also comes with a bed shaker that can wake someone using vibration.