Alzheimer’s Care

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Alzheimer’s Care

You can have peace of mind with Cardinal Senior Care because we’re a professional provider of Alzheimer’s care for seniors.

Cardinal Senior Care, located in San Antonio, Texas offers professional and compassionate in-home care for those living with Alzheimer’s disease. Caring for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s can be a difficult experience for family members. Alzheimer’s symptoms continue to grow worse over time and progression of the disease and behavioral changes are unpredictable.

Approximately sixty to eighty percent of Dementia cases in the United States are a result of Alzheimer’s disease. Caring for those afflicted with this disease can be a lonely and challenging responsibility. Family members and caregivers within the family can often experience physical as well as emotional stress. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s in a family member can include forgetfulness of information, irritability and memory impairments. There may be problems with speech and comprehension as well. Other problems include inability to perform basic daily activities such as self-care and some suffer from depression. It is best to seek an appointment with a physician to determine if your family member is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

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Statistics show that seventy percent of people with Alzheimer’s disease are cared for at home. Cardinal Senior Care provides the essentials in personal care offering the family assistance, relief and needed downtime making them better able to cope with and support their loved one living with Alzheimer’s.

Our specially trained caregivers can provide assistance with:

  • Daily activities such as housekeeping, personal care, errands and transportation
  • Nutritional intake
  • Bathing
  • Dressing & Grooming
  • Transfers
  • Assistance with walking to prevent falls
  • Social activity to reduce or prevent depression
  • Live-in assistance

For more information on Alzheimer’s Care Services in San Antonio contact us today.

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